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Pedestrian Accidents

Injured in an Accident? Let The Villages Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Our Firm Help

A pedestrian’s health and safety is a precious thing. When a careless or negligent driver takes this away, they must be held responsible for their actions and the harm they caused. The Villages pedestrian accident lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help you and your loved ones fight for the financial compensation their injuries or death warrant.

Insurance companies are notorious for trying to find fault in the pedestrian so that they can avoid paying out the financial compensation pedestrian victims deserve. Because of this, it is very important to have a skilled pedestrian accident attorney in your corner to demand justice on your behalf. You should not be responsible for hefty medical bills that were the result of someone else’s negligence. You and your family should not have to suffer because you can no longer work and bring home a paycheck. This is where we can help and aggressively pursue monetary compensation from the at-fault party. Give us a call and let us help you recover.

Elderly woman crossing the street Frightening Statistics About Pedestrian Accidents

We are all pedestrians at some point and time throughout our day. Whether you are walking to your car, walking your dog, taking a stroll with your children, or walking to that corner convenience store to grab a Coke, you are a pedestrian. The unfortunate truth about pedestrian fatalities is that they remain high throughout the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2018 saw a 3% increase in the number of pedestrian-related deaths, totaling to 6,283 deaths, which is the most pedestrian fatalities recorded since 1990.

The GHSA preliminary data from 2019 shows that the state of Florida saw 9 more pedestrian deaths than it did in 2018. This is a 3% increase. From January to June of 2018, Florida saw 359 pedestrian deaths. From January to June of 2019, Florida projectedly saw 368 pedestrian deaths. For the projected year of 2019, Florida ranked second to California in the most pedestrian deaths by state.

Common Injuries in Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are usually fatal because humans are no match for thousands of pounds of metal striking their body. If a pedestrian does survive, they are often left with permanent and debilitating injuries, such as:

  • Damage to major organs, deep cuts, and lacerations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussions, and coma
  • Loss of vision/eye injuries
  • Spinal cord trauma/paralysis
  • Broken bones and fractures
What Factors Lead to Fault in Pedestrian Accidents?

In 2009 the rate of pedestrian fatalities was 1.3 per 1,000 people. In 2019 the rate climbed to 2.0. The rise of pedestrian-related fatalities can be attributed to various factors, including:

  • Increased cell phone use
  • More Americans driving heavy SUVs
  • Drivers operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Pedestrians under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Roads designed without pedestrians in mind
  • Speeding drivers
  • More pedestrians walking at night when roads are dark

According to the GHSA, half of all pedestrian accidents in 2018 involved alcohol impairment by the driver, pedestrian or both parties. A pedestrian or motorist with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher can suffer from diminished faculties that can impair their judgment and decision-making as well as their ability to react quickly.

The number of pedestrian deaths at night has skyrocketed 67% from 2009 to 2018. Daylight pedestrian accidents rose 16% during that same time. Three-quarters of all pedestrian fatalities happen in the dark (9 p.m.-6 a.m.)

Even if you're not sure what factors contributed to your accident, The Villages pedestrian accident attorney will be able to explain liability to you and your potential compensation.

The Villages Pedestrian Accident Attorney Sheds Light on Accidents Involving Seniors and the Elderly

The elderly and those over the age of 65 are most at risk for pedestrian accidents, according to recent reports. Pedestrians over the age of 65 make up around 18% of all fatal pedestrian accidents. The elderly make up about 10% of the total number of pedestrians injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Elderly pedestrians can take important safety steps to prevent their involvement in a fatal collision.

How to Prevent a Pedestrian Accident in The Villages

Remember the motto “See and Be Seen.” This is very important so that you can be watchful of other motor vehicles on the road and wear bright clothing so other cars can see you, especially when strolling in the early morning hours, at dusk, or any other dark conditions. You want motorists to be able to see you easily, so make yourself visible and consider wearing reflective clothing. If you must walk in a low-light setting, we recommend carrying a flashlight so that you can see better.

  • Whenever possible, use any paths, crosswalks, and sidewalks, of course. You don’t want to be walking in the middle of the road and exposing yourself to speeding or distracted motorists that might not react in enough time to avoid hitting you.
  • Be mindful of your physical abilities. Older people generally move a bit slower, so give yourself all the time you need to cross the street at a crosswalk. It is recommended to always start crossing as soon as the light signal turns green.
  • Stay alert, especially at intersections. More elderly pedestrians are killed at intersections, so before you cross, make sure you look left, right, and left again to spot any oncoming vehicles. Once it is safe to do so, you can step off of the curb and enter the roadway.
  • There is safety in numbers. Walk in groups or with a friend. This not only provides great company, but will also increase your visibility on the roadway.
  • Tell others where you are heading. Tell someone else your planned route and how long you anticipate being gone. This way someone else knows when to expect you back and can call for help should something go awry.
Elderly man crossing the street Contact The Villages Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Whittel and Melton Today

The personal injury attorneys at Whittel & Melton are here to help you in The Villages, Bushnell, Tavares, Ocala, or elsewhere in Marion, Sumter, or Lake County, so call us today at 352-369-5334 or contact us online to request a free consultation so that we can get started on your case today. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you could be entitled to significant compensation. We want to help you navigate the legal process and make sure you recover the full and fair compensation you are owed.

We are here 24/7 to answer any questions you have, so we encourage you to reach out to us if you need legal guidance about a pedestrian accident or any other type of accident, injury, or wrongful death. Feel free to call us today today toll-free at 1-866-608-5LAW (5529) or call 352-369-5334. You can also request a free consultation with The Villages pedestrian accident attorneys online.

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