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Personal Injury

Personal injury law in Florida encompasses any harmful act, intentional or accidental, for which the law can provide a solution. There are many different types of personal injury, including, applying bodily injury to someone, being destructive to someone's property or character, or wrongly denying someone his or her rights. The state of Florida allows up to four years for a personal injury claim to be made. For medical malpractice, the state of Florida recognizes two years.

Grounds for determining a personal injury claim include:

Intentional Behavior

A person intends for the outcome of the event to result in specific consequence. This type of personal injury can be classified as battery, fraud, assault, false imprisonment, trespassing, invasion of privacy and conversion.


This refers to the failure to act rationally or use reasonable care. The law imposes that every person should act as cautiously as a levelheaded, ordinary, sensible person in a similar situation would.

Strict Liability

This is when the direct action of an individual results in another's injury or harm regardless of fault. This usually applies to those involved with hazardous or dangerous activities including fumigating, manufacturing explosives, etc. Carelessness can lead to unfortunate injury that our lawyers witness every day in Florida. The most common forms of negligence that cause a Personal Injury are:

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