Woman Accused of Stealing Bank Deposit

May 1, 2015 Posted in Criminal Defense, The Villages News, Theft

A medical employee who dropped off a bank deposit from her job, allegedly drove off with a deposit that was left by another woman.

The alleged theft took place earlier this month, however the accused, a 27-year-old Leesburg woman, was arrested Monday — the same day Leesburg police apparently viewed surveillance video of the incident.

The woman allegedly told police she was just holding onto the $542 deposit until she could find the rightful owner. However, police did not believe her.

The woman was charged with grand theft and has been released from Lake County jail after posting a $2,000 bail.

According to an arrest affidavit, an employee from Debbie’s Hair Creation had dropped off an envelope containing the $542 in a deposit tube at the drive-thru of a Suntrust Bank in Leesburg on April 15. She failed to push the button to send the tube inside the bank before she drove away.

The affidavit alleges that the accused drove through shortly after and grabbed the tube, took out the envelope, replaced it with a deposit from from Florida Cancer Specialists, sent the tube along its way and drove off.

Reports indicate that the woman could be seen counting the money from the Debbie’s Hair Creation’s deposit before leaving.

Police were able to find the accused at her place of work.

When questioned by police, the woman allegedly admitted to taking the money, but told police after she could not locate the owner, she deposited the cash into her bank account for safekeeping in case someone came looking for it.

Theft is defined as knowingly taking or using the property of another person with the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the other person of the items. There are varying degrees of theft in Florida, and the degree of the charge depends on the value and the type of items stolen along with the circumstances of the larceny.

Grand theft is treated as serious offense in Florida by law enforcement as well as state prosecutors. While these charges are undoubtedly quite serious, theft is not a black and white offense. The State must be able to prove that the defendant knowingly and illegally obtained or tried to obtain the property of someone else. It must also be proven that the accused did so with the intent to deprive the victim of his or her property or to benefit in some way from taking the property.

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