The Villages Personal Injury Lawyer :: Defective Security-Gate Arms in The Villages Could be to Blame for Damages to Residents Cars and Golf Carts

October 29, 2012 Posted in Golf Cart Injury, Personal Injury, The Villages News

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Whittel & Melton - Recently installed high-tech security cameras in The Villages are troubling some as the neighborhood tries to identify people who are apparently hitting the security arms at the gates and driving away.

But that is not all. They also began posting footage of drivers coming into contact with the gate arms on its web site and YouTube with hopes of recovering money for damages.

According to the head of safety and community watch for The Villages, people are not timing the gate properly or are sneaking in behind the person in front of them and damaging the security gate arms. In fact, an estimated 100 golf carts, delivery and landscaping trucks and other vehicles run into the security gates each month.

These cameras are able to record license-plate numbers on cars, but golf carts do not have license plates. The Villages claims this is a problem because depending on the damage to the arm and control box the cost to fix the gates can reach several thousands of dollars.

The Villages Community Development District can issue a $250 fee to those responsible for damaging a gate arm. The rest of the damages are covered by homeowner-amenity fees.

At this time, it is unknown how many people have been “caught” on camera and have been forced to pay the money.

While these cameras are supposed to encourage drivers to be extra cautious, visitors and residents of The Villages are telling a very different story. Many drivers claim the security gates malfunctioned and as a result damaged their cars and golf carts.

These types of gates are installed in residential areas in order to keep residents and property safe. However, when these mechanical gates are improperly operated or maintained they can actually place residents and visitors at risk for serious injury and possibly death. When the sensors that open and close these gates are not installed appropriately or have been programmed improperly, the gate can malfunction and crush anything in the way of the arms, including people and property.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a mechanical gate, whether at an airport, shopping mall, apartment complex or residential community, you may be able to recover monetary damages for those injuries. Under the legal theory of premises liability, numerous parties may be to blame. In many cases, the manufacturer of the gate can be held responsible if the gate had a defect that caused it to malfunction. Additionally, the service company in charge of maintaining the gate could possibly be to blame.

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