Preventing a DUI Arrest During the Holidays in The Villages

December 17, 2014 Posted in Criminal Defense, DUI, The Villages News

The holidays are a festive time for celebrating. There are office holiday parties, neighborhood events and even just meetups with friends and family members at bars and restaurants to just relax. Having a few cocktails over the holidays is fine, but it is very important to remember not to drink and drive.

DUI checkpoint signThe holiday season is nicknamed “DUI season” by law enforcement for a reason. DUI arrests dramatically increase around Christmas, and they grow even more common over New Years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, on average, 45 people are killed due to drunk driving every day during the holiday season. These are sobering statistics, so it is important to understand what you can do to avoid a DUI altogether.

  • Refrain from driving after consuming any alcohol. It may seem obvious, but many people underestimate how impaired they are after consuming a few alcoholic beverages. The safest thing to do is to only get behind the wheel when you know for a fact that you are 100 percent sober.

  • Assign a designated driver. If you are going out with the same people, set up a rotation for who will be the sober driver. Make sure that driver does not consume alcohol on his or her night to drive, and if they do, take their keys away!

  • Take a cab or get a ride with Lyft or Uber. Getting a ride home from the bar or your holiday event can help you avoid a DUI. While these services cost money, they are still cheaper than the costs of a DUI. If you use a car service to and from your night out, you are ensuring safer choices and you do not have the added worry of what to do with your car.

  • Don’t leave the bar or party too late at night. Drowsy driving can be just as risky as drunk driving. Drowsiness actually impairs your reflexes as badly as alcohol. The combination of both can be lethal. Refrain from driving when you are tired, otherwise you could find yourself being stopped by law enforcement even if you haven’t been drinking at all.

While we hope you never need to use the above tips, if you are arrested for a Villages DUI this holiday season, our Villages DUI Defense Lawyers at Whittel & Melton are always on call. Call us 24/7 at 352-369-5334 for a free consultation on your case or contact us online. We know how stressful a DUI arrest can be, and will do anything we can to get your case settled as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome.


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