Part 2: Top 10 Causes of Golf Cart Accidents (5-1)

April 14, 2016 Posted in Golf Cart Injury, Personal Injury, The Villages News, Wrongful Death

There are a high number of golf cart injuries and deaths in The Villages, which proves that golf carts are just as dangerous as other modes of transportation. In the past, golf carts could only reach low speeds, but nowadays these carts can be souped up to reach high speeds and have all kinds of extra features. Did you know that golf carts travelling at just 11 miles per hour can eject a passenger during a sharp turn? Injuries from golf cart mishaps can range from lacerations and bruises to traumatic brain injuries and death. Other injuries from golf cart accidents can include fractures, broken bones, concussions, spinal injuries, and paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries.

In our last post on golf cart injuries, we highlighted 10-6 on our top 10 list of causes of golf cart accidents. The following are the top 5 causes:

5.) Leaving the brake unlocked upon exiting

4.) Driving over wet, muddy, or uneven terrain

3.) Reversing downhill

2.) Driving cart under the influence of alcohol or drugs

1.) Hanging leg outside of the golf cart

Knowing how and why golf cart accidents can occur can make all the difference when you are behind the wheel. Next time you are in a golf cart, remember to be safe and don’t forget how easily accidents can happen. Remember, do not to take sharp turns or drive in terrain that is unsuitable for golf carts. If you are a passenger, do not stand up or hang any body parts outside the cart.

As long as you are in a golf cart, you are responsible for your safety as well as your passengers safety. Be smart and stay on the lookout so that we can keep the roads safe for vehicles and golf carts alike.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a golf cart accident in The Villages, our Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help. Call us today at 352-369-5334 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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